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Occlusal Disease

Model of skull and jawbone At Southland Smiles, our team always strives to preserve the optimal level of oral health for every patient and prevent unnecessary damage before it begins. That means we take into consideration the long-term effects of any dental restorations or early indicators of concerns, and we partner with patients to achieve and maintain their healthiest smiles. One of the common oral health conditions that can adversely impact a patient’s smile is occlusal disease. Sometimes referred to as malocclusion or misalignment, this oral health condition can cause untold damage to teeth, gums, and supportive bone tissue as well as to the whole function of the smile. We offer a variety of therapies to alleviate pain and pressure, renew full dental function, and avoid unnecessary smile damage. We encourage patients to contact us right away if they experience any of the warning signs of occlusal disease including:

  • Excessively worn tooth enamel (teeth that look stubby, yellowing smiles)
  • Frequent tooth cracks or breaks
  • Chronic tooth sensitivity
  • Receding gums
  • Shifting teeth or bit that doesn’t fit together completely (signs of bone density loss)
  • Pain in the jaws or other facial muscles
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