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Digital X-Rays

Hand pointing to dental x-ray on tablet In order to offer the most innovative, state-of-the-art dental care, the Southland Smiles team dedicates time each year to incorporating the latest dental techniques and technologies into our practice. We are constantly working to provide the safest, most effective dental services for every patient. Digital x-rays are just one of the many tools that allow us to do just that. Compared with traditional x-rays, the digital varieties offer a number of advantages including:

  • Clearer images that allow us to more precisely diagnose concerns and plan treatments
  • Patients exposed to 90% less radiation
  • Easily stored and transferred electronically
  • Decreased treatment times thanks to immediate availability for labs, specialists, and insurance providers
  • Safer for the team since chemicals are not needed to develop the images
  • Better for patient education since we can enlarge, enhance, or otherwise improve the clarity of images

We use digital x-rays during checkups at least once a year to ensure patients’ smiles have not dramatically changed, since their last appointment. That means we’re able to closely track the ups and downs of dental health year after year.

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